Vietnamese-Style Baguette with Marinated Chicken




Vietnamese-Style Baguette is one of the amazing street food that you should at least taste once if you have chance to visit my little country. In Vietnam, street food vendors always have full of containers and boxes filled with different delicious ingredients: from pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, homemade butter Continue reading

Mini German Pancakes




Hello everyone,

How is your summer going so far? Are you travelling? Or are you staying home with your family and sipping your ice tea when it’s burning hot outside? I hope you are all having a great summer. As for me, since I’m done with finals and stuff, I started working in a fast food restaurant, things are going pretty well, apart from the fact that maybe after this summer, I will lose some weight because of all the sweats from the oven and burgers, Continue reading

Bow-Ties with Peas and Ham


Hello food lovers,

Okay, so I just have a small question for you: have you ever bought something to eat just because it is too adorable to resist? For me, it will be a yes, these bow-ties for example. They taste like most of the usual pasta but I find them cute, so I bought a huge (yes, I mean it, HUGE) bag and still don’t know when I can finish it Continue reading

Apple Pie Parfaits


Spring and summer are always the best time for us to bring back to the kitchen some awesome and addictive sweet treats (well, that’s a good reason to continue my crave for sweet treats, all winter I’ve been always laying down on bed with some cookies and hot chocolate *blushing*). Today I will show you how to make my recent favorite sweet treat: Apple Pie Parfaits ^^ Continue reading

French Classic: Boeuf Bourguignon/Beef Bourguignon


Hi everyone,

First of all, this is not the first time I’ve made Boeuf Bourguignon. About a year ago, I had a post for this lovely French classic, that’s my first attempt to do it (just in case you all wanna take a look, click HERE for that post ^^), even though it was delicious back then but I also have to admit that I made a mistake: Continue reading

Courgette Carbonara

Hello cooking fellows,

I’m a contradictory girl, and everyday I wake up and try to understand myself but never make it. You may think that why am I suddenly starting my blog post with this non-related thing? Well, I’m now in vacation, actually a before-finals vacation, so my daily basis is all about sleeping, cooking, eating and revising Continue reading

Bacon and Pea Pasta


We ran out of rice. That’s it, my confession. And we’re so lazy that we decided to eat pasta and bread and everything except rice until we have enough courage to buy new rice bag. So until then, I’m really sorry if you’re a rice lover, but my posts will be flooded in pasta, soup, etc. Well, you know me, I can eat everything when I’m lazy. Continue reading