July 1st: Cooking day

Aloha ~

I’m sure this is the most yummy post since I’ve started this blog ^^ I really love cooking, but too bad I’m always busy with school work, or extra classes 😦 So I can’t spend the whole day in the kitchen, or make something I’m really interested in like chocolate muffins, tarts or cakes =p~

Moreover, it’s burning hot and that awful weather makes me sweaty 🙂 and the kitchen’s as terrible as hell 😀

Summer is the suitable season for cooking ~ School holidays, no more extra classes, so I don’t wanna waste any minute. Anw today isn’t hot as usual, that’s why I stayed almost my time in my lovely place =P

Fried chicken for lunch, the chicken’s awesomely delicious after 1 hour *drowning* in milk =D Enjoyed with ketchup or the mixture between chilli sauce and mayonnaise \m/

For dinner, I cooked Squid Ring, which takes me 1 hour to finish =( too bad my laptop’s Bluetooth is suddenly crazy, so I’ll edit this post and add more pics soon soon =D hope I can fix it =P

Well, 2 dishes with fried food isn’t a good idea at all, but I just wanna try to do what I like ^^

In the end of this post, I choose Kimbab, a Korean dish, it’s really popular and a little bit like…sushi of Japan. But personally, I think Kimbab is easier to eat, and the ingredients is cheaper than sushi ^^ In the other hand, it’s healthy, 70% ingredients are vegetables, so don’t worry about your weight :”)

So here it is =D

Haha, and here is a beautiful view from my kitchen xD

Hope you’ll happy when you read my entry.  I love ya’ll ❤

Thanks for reading xD


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