July 4: Pasta with bacon and cream sauce =p~


There are many ways to cook pasta, and with each way, we have a different taste, that makes me really curious and wanna try to cook as many kind as possible xD Same with cream sauce, using whipping cream or light cream totally change the *deliciousness* (both are delicious, but smell differently ^^)

I usually cook pasta with pork or beef *balls* and tomato sauce, I guess this is the most popular way =D Today I try to do another kind of pasta to use the leftover bacon in my fridge :”)

The cream sauce isn’t smooth as I expected, maybe because I mixed it with parmesan =P It’s really tasty, but when you eat a lot, you know, the weight’s problem xD

So here are some pics, hope all of you can enjoy with your…eyes :”)

Does it look yummy ;)?????

mmmmm, wanna try it immediately :">

Hihi, that was my lunch xD Wanna share with me what you got? Leave a comment, okay? ^^

*from Trang Quynh with love <3*


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