July 7: What a burning hot day @.@

Hi there ~

I’m a nice girl, I kept my promise and today I’m back with a yummy entry ^^ Even it was like 40 degrees C outside, I still wanna make something special for lunch xD

In Vietnam, women always go to the market every morning, where they can find fresh ingredients to cook: fishes, shrimps, beef, pork, chickens…..or vegetables, all look so great 🙂 Of course they usually wander around the supermarket, but just to buy cheese, milk, sausages, ketchup, chilli sauce or something like that :”>

When I saw the shrimps that my grandma bought from the market, they still jumped and made noises *thumbs up* I don’t like to touch them like that so my lovely granny did it for me (I mean kill the shrimps ><)

The 1st dish is: FRIED SHRIMPS WITH PARMESAN ^^ Actually it needs lots of kinds of powder: crumbs, baking powder, corn powder…and eggs too, but parmesan is the main ingredient and makes the dish taste differently =p~

I messed up my kitchen after cooking that, and my fingers were covered by powder :”)

That's really really yummy =p~

Enjoy it with mayonnaise ^^

mmmmm, so crispy xD

The 2nd one: CHICKEN SALAD WITH PINEAPPLE AND POTATO xD Honestly, I don’t like to eat chicken that much, but I don’t want my family to follow me :”) haha, I used onions too and gotta stir-fry it before mixing.

Anw this kind of salad tastes good because I love the sourness of pineapple ❤

Oh, seems like I talked too much *blushing*

Wanna try? 😉

another pic ^^

These dishes totally let my mood up xD What’s better than having a wonderful lunch in an air-conditioned room? 😉

I gotta go to Apollo Center for the English test so just fry rice for dinner 8-> My grandma used too much corn so it’s really sweet. Literally :”)

Haha, okay, it’s over ^^ Hope you guys didn’t fall asleep after reading this entry. If you did, I’m sorry =D


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