July 8: Quick post :”)

First of all, I need to say sorry cause today I didn’t cook anything, my grandma and my auntie did it for me :”>

Moreover, I know so well how to cook these dishes so I have nothing to describe to you guys, …like…my difficulties while cooking new dishes, finding the ingredients or the deliciousness ^^

That doesn’t mean my lunch and my dinner isn’t good, but good in an…expected way xD

Anw I’m gonna upload the pics =P

My simple dish for lunch xD


You know, vegetables are really good for your health, we can’t live without eating vegetables, right? So here’s from my dinner: stir-fried vegetables ^^ I don’t know the name in English of those vegetables, that’s why I called it like…that =D

okay, I gotta find something to cook tomorrow, so bye guys ^^

Sorry everyone again 🙂


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