July 9: Chicken with passion fruit sauce :)

Bonjour à tous xD

I usually cook something to use the leftover food in my fridge :”> After doing the Chicken salad with pineapple and potato, I still got about 300gr chicken breast. Can’t grill or fry it because it won’t be tasty, I’m sure all of you know that xD

I spent 1 hour searching many recipes on Internet, and finally found that one, I mean Chicken with passion fruit sauce 🙂 That one sounds interesting cause I love passion fruits ❤

It smells so good, I couldn’t take my eyes off the dish =p~ Tried to decorate it just a little bit and took pics xD My cousins excitedly ate non-stop, I didn’t have to throw away anything, even a little carrot piece ^^

Hihi, my toy :")

Thanks a lot for reading this entry ^^ Your support helps me more than you think ❤



  1. Tom Cat · July 9, 2010

    =P~ Hôm nào rủ cả lũ đến đi ;;)

  2. [nick] · July 10, 2010


    bh nấu cho mình đi =( nhìn thèm quá =P~

    @Tôm dờ mèo: đã béo còn thích ăn à [-( diet đi [-(

    • trangquynh · July 10, 2010

      ăn bằng mắt đi là đủ ngon rồi, k cần tôi nấu cho đâu =D

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