Emo girl……….

When I watched Korean dramas, saw the scene that the actor/actrice miss each other, I usually thought that they’re so silly, or they just act whatever the director says. It can’t happen in real life xD If it…unfortunately happened, it wouldn’t happen to me. Never. Because I’m a happy person, and have lots of things to do, except wasting time missing someone 🙂

But I’m wrong, totally wrong…..Since he’s gone, I can’t stop thinking of him. Even though I always talk to myself: “No, no, calm down, everything will be okay, he’ll come back someday, maybe next year, and he can still keep in touch with you. Come on, you can go through this”, I act like crazy. I read again and again all his texts in my inbox, some conversations I saved in my laptop, saw his pics. I’m scared that I’ll forget how he looks like, what he said, what he did for me. Scared that I’ll forget him…..

It’s getting worse when I go to school. Everything make me miss him so much 😦 We weren’t a couple, but we shared many things, and spent *so much* time together. I wish I could go back to that time, did everything again, I swear I could do better. Too bad time will never come back, that’s why people always regret about something they did in the past 🙂

I see him wandering around the school, eating ‘my tom chanh’ in the canteen, playing rubik, smiling with me, waiting for me, fixing his bike…everywhere…I don’t wanna be too emotional, but I can’t control my feelings 😦 Passing time with him everyday unexpectedly became my habit, and it’s so difficult to give it up.

I know that I don’t like him anymore, he’s more special than that, an important friend to me. Sometimes, a true friend is more meaningful than someone you like ^^ Friendship never ends…even we’re not in the same place or haven’t any chance to see each other again.

I wrote this entry, then delete it, then wrote it again…Maybe one day, he can read it and feel bad, and I don’t want that day to happen. Or maybe he will never read this, and I will fill my blog with my foodie posts ^^ Besides, he loves his girlfriend really much, and I sound so insensitive when I publish my feelings, become a selfish, let him down and what’s next? How dare I destroy such a wonderful relationship like that?

Okay, I’m feeling so much better now, after writing all, sharing what I think with you, my visitors xD *keeping my fingers crossed* hope he will enjoy his nice life in his new place, make new friends, keep smiling and have a lovely relationship.

Yeah, and I gotta cheer up myself, come back to my usual jolly. A happy, cheerful, caring girl… I NEED to.

Thanks for reading all my stuff, that helps me really much.

Thank you again 🙂



  1. [nick] · August 24, 2010

    feeling bad.

  2. trangquynh · August 24, 2010

    why are you so…fast? stalk me? :O yeah, that’s EXACTLY what I’m scared 😦

  3. Artanix · August 24, 2010

    Nẫu mề quá tình yêu ơi, cheer up, cái j đến thì nó sẽ đến thôi, lo lắng nhiều làm j

    • trangquynh · August 25, 2010

      ủa, ai vậy nhỉ? :s mình có quen bạn không? dù sao thì cũng cảm ơn bạn vì lời khuyên 🙂 bây h mình tương đối ổn rồi =D nhớ rep lại cho mình tên của bạn nhé 😉 thanks ^^

      • [nick] · August 29, 2010

        cô có ổn thật không đấy 😦

      • trangquynh · August 29, 2010

        ổn ổn ổn 😀 why did you like my post? o.O

  4. Artanix · August 29, 2010

    mình tình cờ thấy wordpress cụa bạn hay nên ghé vào đọc thôi. Xin chào bạn, mình tên là Artanix Le, mình đang ở California, rất vui dc biết bạn *mình là Việt Kiều nhé* :”>

    • trangquynh · August 29, 2010

      mình cũng rất vui khi biết bạn 🙂 cảm ơn vì đã đọc post của mình và khuyên mình nữa nhé^^ chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành xD

      • Artanix · August 29, 2010

        Mình lệch h nên chúc mình ngủ ngon thì tốt hơn bạn ah :))) Anw, mình rất thích đọc wordpress của bạn. Bạn nấu ăn co vẻ giỏi ghê :))

      • trangquynh · August 30, 2010

        mình nấu ăn cũng bình thường thôi, nhiều người còn nấu giỏi hơn ấy chứ 🙂 chủ yếu mình tham khảo các công thức trên mạng, hoặc xem Travel&Living hay Korean Confidential with Paul Schenk trên Arirang 😛 giờ này chắc bạn đang ngủ, so sweet dreams xD

      • Artanix · August 31, 2010

        bạn nấu ăn thế là cũng ngon rồi =P~

      • trangquynh · August 31, 2010

        thế thì thôi không cần phải khiêm tốn nữa nhỉ ;;) Cảm ơn bạn xD

  5. [nick] · August 29, 2010

    a true friend is more meaningful than someone you like ^^ 😀

    • trangquynh · August 30, 2010

      it’s true, right? 🙂 or you don’t wanna be my friend anymore? :((

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