Sushi in California’s style xD

It’s a long long time since my last foodie post. I’m really sorry you guys for that. I’m pretty busy with my school work and have some difficulties learning Maths >< But I gotta keep moving on, even I know it isn’t easy for me.

Well, cooking always makes me feel relaxed after a tiring week at school. I honestly miss summer, when I spent almost my time in the kitchen, cooked new dishes and enjoyed life in the way I want xD

Hmm, I started complaining 😥 think I should stop thinking about school and my stressful life ^^

Okay, let’s see what I did this morning… SUSHI IN CALIFORNIA’S STYLE 😛

I was like :O when I saw that name, and ‘til now, I still don’t understand why they call this kind of sushi like that :-“

Anyway I had so much fun ‘wrapping’ them! Last night, I thought I’m gonna make sushi in many different ways, like the ones which had a heart inside, or a cute flower, blah blah blah 😀 But I FAILED!!!

That’s why I just made sushi in California’s style and normal style. Huhu, I wanna made sushi with a heart inside so badly =(

Tomorrow I’ll bring some to school, to keep my promise with my cutie @autumnfingers ❤ Hope she’ll love it 😀

And for the next time, I need to buy sesame seeds :S

In addition, a dish I made like…a week ago but didn’t have enough time to upload. It’s clalled ‘chả tôm’, very simple, eggs and shrimps but still tastes sooooo good ^^

I gotta come back and focus on my homework now, goodbye everyone ❤ Sorry for my awful English’s grammar, I need to approve a lot 😥

Sweetes hugs and kisses for all of you 😉

Thank you for all your support ^^


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