Back to back entry: Chicken with mushrooms!!!

Hihi, my last entry was posted on September 12th :”> I’m seriously sorry all of you for that 😦 hope you guys can forgive me ^^

I’m thinking of making…something to my lovely buddies @autumnfingers and @Siandang ❤ But I can’t promise, just saying 😀

So this is the 5th week at school 🙂 School work’s getting better and better, too bad I still have tons of homework to do so I just can’t have enough time to cook.

OK, no complaining here xD Taking food pics with my new camera is soooooo good =p~ That wonderful feeling when I saw the pic, with beautiful colors and…wowwwww, can’t explain it in details *my writing is awful, help me @uncreativeboi and @Winter_Garden29*

I wish I could have the photograph skills of @autumnfingers :((

This is from my grandma =D


So, @autumnfingers, @Siandang and others, who wanna enjoy chocolate tomorrow???????? 😀


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