Cheese mussels =D

Urgh, my Eng’s getting worse and worse, right now, I don’t even know how to write this entry =( Just wanna describe the deliciousness of this dish, but there isn’t any word in my head, except ‘delicious’ 😥 Hope I can find out an Eng extraclass to attend xD

So here are some pics I took last sunday *gosh, I’ve just deleted the best pic*

These pics aren't from my Canon, from my phone actually ><

My Canon's memory card has some probs, somebody helps me plz

Honestly, I’m not okay these days 😦 But I think I won’t tell you guys in details, I should be more careful and…complicated, I guess o.O Seems like I’m too naive, talked too much on Twitter and WordPress, but since now, it’s over. I’ll find somebody to share my feelings, and maybe write diary (err no, I can’t write diary each day like an emo teenager ^^).  That’s it.

So hope you guys will have a nice weekend with your family and friends. And for the A1ers, keep working, I just LOVE ALL OF YOU AND AGT ❤


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