Deviled eggs and mashed tofu :)

So AGT season 3 is coming, I’m a little bit busy preparing for it 🙂 Anw, I’ll try my best so I don’t worry about it anymore xD And I need to come back with you guys, who are always starving and wanna see my foodie posts on WordPress xD HERE I AM!!!!!

Let’s talk about MASHED TOFU. Very strange, very simple and very tasty. I’m sure that you guys didn’t hear about this dish before, but believe me, once you taste it, you’ll never regret LOL Anw, it’s way better and healthy than meat, esp fast food :s Haha, okay, i’m a talker and can’t stop talking right now. Here are some pics, hope you like them 😀


huhu, my Canon :((

The most interesting part is when I make deviled eggs. I guess this’s a popular dish in Europe, right? There’re many recipes to make deviled eggs, but today, I use shrimps. With mayonnaise and pepper, a little bit mustard if you like its taste, done xD Be there, I’ll be back and bring some new pics that I took \:d/

Hihi, keeping my life busy makes me feel really great. I seriously think that life will be more meaningful if I don’t stop working and finding something to do 🙂 OH, and finally I posted a new foodie entry after…like thousands year without cooking 😦 Hug me and kiss me, I’m a good girl ❤

Goodbye, see you guys in the next post 😀



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