Goodbye 2010 and Welcome 2011 :)

So 2010 is nearly end and 2011 is coming \m/ First of all, I hope you will have a new year with full of joy, luck and success. Enjoy your brand new year as much as you can with you family, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, realize your dreams and keep moving forward ❤

Moreover, I need to say thank all of you for supporting me since I started this blog, that truly inspired me a lot xD 2010 was a memorable year to me. It was the year that I realized my passion and tried a lot to follow it 🙂

This is my little cookbook :")

One of my favorite dishes =P

Next year I will try other pasta recipes ^^

It was also the year that I had lots of new friends. They’re absolutely amazing and awesomeeeeee 😀 I know that I’m just a little girl who isn’t popular or talented, but all that I wanna do is making them happy and feel…comfortable  xD I brought them food (I think they enjoyed it ^^) or gave them Xmas cards!!!!! So hope they like that ❤

This is the Xmas card for Jayden 🙂

And the biggest is for my Khoeeeee 😡

Hihi, for Nattie the hot gurl \m/

Loveeeeeee them :3

For all the friends I love (Nick, Khoe, Nattie, Chubbie, Obese Kitty, Van Ha, Jayden……..), I will still love you guys if you GIVE ME A HUG >:d< Am I too greedy? Absolutely not, right? 😉 sooooo HUG ME ON MONDAY >:d<

Finally, 2010 was the year that I was successful with #AGT3 \m/ mmmmm, not really, but I hope we will made it ^^But the most important thing is I had such a great time with my friends and became a little bit popular :))


Behinfd the scenes lol

That was my year, what about yours? 😀

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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