Tet is coming to town, this is the most-wanted time of the year! Even though Tet isn’t fun as it was in the past, but we all still enjoy it anyway ^^ Last year, I wasted my holidays sleeping, eating, surfing Internet and watching TV, that was kinda boring 😦 SO THIS YEAR, I DECIDE TO MAKE A PLAN, A TO-DO LIST to keep myself busy and I won’t regret anymore xD

1. Cooking ❤

Honestly, I don’t wanna eat ‘banh chung’, or ‘nem’, or ‘canh mang’ these days, even they’re traditional dishes for Tet. This year, before Tet and we have to eat these dishes, I tried to cook different things, I mean more vegetables, more fruits and healthy food. Mixed salad, vegetables soup, yum =p~ I’m not a vegetarian but as we all know, veggies are definitely healthier Eating too much meat may cause stomachache, and I’m sure you don’t wanna spend your holidays in the hospital.

So here are my dishes for today:


2. ELYSIAN dance party!!!

Wowwwww, such a wonderful night with my friends!!!!! A dance party where I shaked and danced like crazy!!!!! Can’t describe my feelings, Elysian was SUPER AWESOME!!! Last year, I went to a dance party too, but I was too shy, I didn’t dare to show people my ‘dark side’ haha THIS YEAR, EVERYONE KNEW IT MUAHAHAHAHA

My make up for the party ❤ Clubbing make up inspired by Michelle Phan =P

With my girls after 1 hour DANCING NON STOP!!!


3. Hanging out

This afternoon me and my cousins had a great time watching Tangled. Aww, this film is so cuteeeee, I love Maximus and Pascal ❤ Don’t be jealous obese kitteh, one day, you’ll watch it/pinch your chubby cheeks ;;) I should have bought 3 Tangled Combos, I wanna have a straw with Rapunzel on it so badly =(

Tickets here obese kitteh =))

The next days, I will try to make some presents for my friends (not sure about that), or write some essays (no way lol), or buy some new CDs so I can have something to watch, or clean the house (too lazy), but don’t worry, I’ll keep updating ❤

Love you guys xoxoxo


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