Happy Lunar New Year >:d<

Finally Lunar New Year is here \m/ As you know, this year is the year of the cat (that reminds me of fat kitteh lol) so I’m really excited cuz cat is my favorite animal ever, and maybe I’ll be luckier, I guess 😉 New year is always the time when everyone loves spending all their time with their family after a long tiring year. Preparing for Tet, cooking many delicious dishes, visiting the cousins or going to the temple, all these activities make your first days of new year unforgettable. Someone may think that these activities repeat every year and they’re quite boring, but when you’re not with your family during Tet, I’m sure that you’ll miss every single thing 🙂

For the new year, I hope your year will be filled with full of luck and joy. To the ones I love or even I don’t, wish you all the best cuz everyone deserves a happy new year whoever they are. Realize your dreams, follow your passion, stay strong and keep moving forward. Don’t let anyone or anything let you down, because you guys are awesome. I can’t write my wish for each of you on Twitter or on Facebook, but from the deep of my heart, I remember all of you, trust me >:D<

Moreover, thanks for supporting me in the whole year and visiting my blog. And thank all my friends to post many sweet things on my Facebook wall or on Twitter. That made my day 😀 You guys are sooooo wonderful and I’m really, really happy that I’m surrounded by all of you. I know that my ‘thanks’ is not enough for your love to me. I’ll work harder this year and try my best to cook more delicious dishes and publish more foodie posts xP

First meal of the year ^^

look at this, so yummy =p~

I'm so proud of this cuz this's made by me and my grandma xD

One more time, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!! Hope ya’ll have a great Tet time with your family, your friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever happens to you, I’ll always on your side, okay? >:D< Hihi, now I need to change my clothes and I’m gonna go to the temple with grandma at 3, yayaya 😡

Love you guys

xoxo Trang Quynh


One more pic 😡


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