Hey guys, welcome back to my foodie blog =D School time is back, so I can’t publish posts frequently like I did during Tet. But I’ll keep updating by making at least one brand new dish per week and replying to your top searches or comments. Moreover, I check my blog everyday, so don’t be worried if you don’t understand something, just feel free and ask me, okay? I promise I’ll reply as soon as I can.

My weekly foodie post for this week is ITALIAN GRILLED PRAWN. I used a recipe on Internet, but even though this dish looks stunning, I’m gonna change the recipe a little bit in the next time I do it. I’ll post the recipe later, when I decided a better one 😡

But first, enjoy my Italian prawn:

Do you know why I love cooking? Because I can discover many countries’s culture through their food, taste so many delicious things ❤ But the most important thing is when I see my family or the ones I love enjoying my dishes and having a smile on their face. That’s the most wonderful moment ever ❤ And I’ll surely do everything to…taste that feeling again and again 😀

For everyone who’s interested in cooking, keep cooking, don’t be afraid of anything. You can fail one time, two times, but no one can stop you making good things for your family or your friends and loving them. From the deep of my heart, I hope all of you will successfully cook your stunning dishes and share your feeling to the others.

See you in the next weekly foodie post on my blog 😉

Sweetest hugs and kisses from Trang Quynh xoxo


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