Crêpe Cake <3

This is the perfect mixture of my two favorite things: Crêpe and Chocolate =x I planned to do this cake as a birthday present for one of my friends, but my cousins ate it all =( anw, even though it’s really tasty but I’m still not satisfied because the cake is too thin and doesn’t look good as I expected ^^

One piece of crêpe, then chocolate, then crêpe, over and over xD It sounds like easy but I spent almost 2 hours to finish that cake, which composed 15 superthin pieces of crêpe 😀

A new way to make your crêpe look and taste differently, so why don’t you try? Next time, I’ll make Tortilla Chocolate, another version of Crêpe with cacao powder 😡 Can’t wait to do it and show the recipe to you guys =p~

Bon appetit ❤

P/S: I only published this post like a Quickpress because I just wanna show you guys my best posts and pics 🙂 hope all of you don’t mind =x


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