Thailand grilled chicken =p~

Weekend is always my favorite time of the week. Even though I always know that after Sunday is Monday, the beginning of a long long week at school with tons of homework :(, anyway, I gotta enjoy it. My foodie post for this week is for Thailand grilled chicken, a new dish to refresh your chicken recipes =D

The chicken was really great, really tender and tastes absolutely perfect. The color was contributed by the mixture of chopped coriander, lemongrass and garlic. Seriously, you guys should try it once!!!!!

So, for this stunning dish, what do you need?

1. A chicken

2. Chopped coriander, lemon grass and garlic

3. 50-60 ml of fish sauce

4. 5-10 ml sesame oil

5. 40-50 gr sugar

6. Pepper or chopped chili

Are you ready? Follow my tips and realize your stunning Thailand grilled chicken ❤

1. Mix chopped coriander, lemongrass and garlic with fish sauce, sesame oil, sugar and pepper (or chili). Stir it well in a big bowl.

2. Pour that ‘sauce’ on the chicken (the whole chicken or smaller pieces). Wait 1-2 hour so that your chicken will be soaked in the sauce.

3. Finally, grilled the chicken (by boiled oil or your oven or even your microwave). If you use microwave, 15 mins are enough.

does it look yummy?

It’s quite easy, right? I really hope all of you will have fun making this dish, enjoy your weekend with your family ❤ Don’t forget to accomplish your homework (or your work) before Monday xD


Trang Quynh


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