How well do you know sushi?

Do you know what sushi is? Yes, of course you do. Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish and it manifests the culture of this beautiful country. In Japan, sushi is really popular and it’s always enjoyed on special occasions. But how well do you know sushi? Do you know how many kinds of sushi are there? Perhaps you don’t. Me neither. I just know some popular kinds of sushi, such as Nigirizushi, Makimono, Gunkan, Temaki or Oshizushi.

Today, I made some kinds of sushi. California rolls, Makimono, Nigirizushi and another kind. California rolls are great as usual, the flavor of crabsticks, cucumber and eggs mixed perfectly and became so much better with the mixture of soy sauce and mustard. First time tried out the Nigirizushi, I only used prawns, next time will be tuna, salmon and other kinds of seafood. Moreover, the Cucumber Makimono and Crabsticks Makimono were well mixed with a little bit mayonnaise =p~ I love how the Cucumber Makimono were so crunchyyyyy ~

The last kind of sushi that I don’t know what its name is, rice is mixed with chopped seaweed and sesame seeds, then wrapped in a thin piece of eggs. All of that 4 kinds are pretty easy to make, but it will take you like 2-3 hours :”) But who cares, right? When you’re doing something you like, everything can wait, even sleeping.

Oh, today I took my foodie pics with Digital Macro, need more experiences but anyway, it worked. My pics are more attractive and I think they’re not out of focus like they were before, right? Thanks Nick for teaching me that, I’m so glad that I have someone talented like you as my friend ❤

Sorry you guys for spamming you with many pics :”) The sushi are too beautiful that I want to take tons of pics and admire them all day xD Hope you enjoy them like I did. This afternoon I  need to do more, I promised Nattie that I’ll give her a full box of sushi as bday present. Haha, okay, get back to the pic spammingggggggggg

Hiihi, one more pic then publish! BEST PART EVERRRRR


Love you guys xoxo

– Trang Quynh –



  1. [nick] · March 6, 2011

    Where is the special mention to one special guy for telling you how to take photos?

    • trangquynh · March 7, 2011

      I DID talk about you, read my post carefully ❤

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