Potato Frittata :x

It’s kinda weird, but a cold and rainy day always makes me feel comfortable. Even it’s a little bit very difficult to get out of the bed and the warmie blanket to…touch the super cold water, but anyway, when you’re doing something you love, everything is okay xD Today’s dish is Potato Frittata. Frittata is the name of the dishes which are contributed by eggs and another ingredients, such as meat or vegetables. Potato Frittata is one kind of Frittata, using bacon and potato to make a perfect taste.

Hmmmmm, I think I don’t need to publish the recipe in details because it’s pretty easy to make this dish 😛 Just a little bit creativity, then you can have your own Frittata with different ingredients ❤ Enjoy it when it’s still hot with chili sauce and bread xD Why don’t you try once? I’m sure you will like it like I did tonight ^^

Honestly, I planned to do German Potato Salad at first, but I realized that I don’t have enough ingredients (corn powder) 😦 So I’m gonna make it in the next time xD Gotta find something to use the leftover bacon, whipping cream and parmesan cheese in the fridge. Aww, there are too many things that I wanna do, such as Meatballs Spaghetti remake, Sambap or Potato Pancake , but homework won’t let me do that :”(

Haha, I’ve got some brilliant ideas. When I have an oven, Tuesday or Thursday will be Dessert days, and Sundays, as usual,…Salty dish days lol ARE YOU READY? Two posts per week!!!!! Personally, I can’t wait to realize my plan and show you guys my first dessert posts. Cakes, muffins or cookies are also the great bday presents for your darlings xD Hope I can help all of you in this aspect 🙂 But before, hope I can do my tests successfully this week, then I’ll definitely throw my books away and cook every single day 😉

Goodbye everyone, see ya in the next post ❤ Thank you for reading this post ❤

Big hugs and sweetest kisses xoxo


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