Potato Pancakes :x

Nothing special, just a type of snack which is adequat before extraclasses coming 😀 In Western restaurants, Potato Pancakes are served with hot grilled meat and BBQ sauce, they’re the favorite dish of many people thanks to the crunchiness and sweetness of potatoes and onions. Sometimes, wonderful flavor doesn’t need complicated steps ❤

I’ve never tasted Potato Pancakes before in restaurants, but if they’re like mine, then they will be great xD Russian sausages are fresh, much flavor and totally different from VNese sausages which are called ‘German sausages’ :”( In general, they matched quite well. Anw, gonna try with grilled meat though 😛

So here’s the recipe: (for 20-30 pancakes)

1. 1 kg of potatoes, finely chopped in long and thin pieces

2. 1 onion, finely chopped in long and thin pieces

3. 3 small eggs

4. 6 tbs of plain flour

5. Salt, oil

Let’s move on to the method:

1. Mix the potatoes, onions, eggs, flour and salt in a big bowl. Don’t over-seasoned because you will enjoy them with grilled meat or other things which are already seasoned, moreover, too much seasoning will reduce the freshness and natural sweetness of potatoes and onions.

2. Heat the oil, then fry a little amount of the mixture, press it into round and thin pieces. Fry them ’til the potato pancakes are lightly brown in the outside (check out my pics for details)

3. Place them on oil-remover papers to remove the unnecessary oil. You don’t want to be fat and unhealthy, do you?

4. ENJOY!!!!! (most wanted step x) )

Hope you guys like my post xoxo Keep supporting me and my food blog because your support means everything to me :*

For the end, here’re some pics of Fried Pork wil Pineapple sauce that I made two days ago, enjoy:

See ya in the next post!!!

– From Trang Quynh with love-


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