Beef Wellington =p~

First of all, I need to say that this is the first time I’ve made Beef Wellington. A friend told me that this dish is more difficult and professional than any of the dishes that I cooked before because I have to do the puff pastry, moreover, I can’t see the beef inside which was wrapped by the pastry, so all that I can is guessing when the beef is medium rare. At first, I was pretty nervous :”) I did even choose another simpler dish with beef, but there’s something really attractive about Beef Wellington, esp about Gordon Ramsay. I watched like hundreds times the video Gordon Ramsay making his stunning dish and puff pastry. I watched, and learned. And here it is, my own Beef Wellington 😀

My gorgeous dough 😀

I’m gonna tell you about the dough. I used my little mixer to mix flour, salt and butter together. You can use your hand to do this step, but honestly, it’s definitely not a good idea. Your hand will melt the butter, and ruin the texture of the dough. So put them all in the mixer, after 15-20s, you got it, beautiful dry mixture for the pastry.

Beef wellington right out of the oven =p~

Hihi, sorry about the ugly shape, I don’t have enough experience to wrap perfectly. Anyway, when I touched the outside, I almost laughed out loud, so proud of myself. The puff pastry was really crunchy, and had beautiful color thanks to the egg wash ❤

Some comments: I love the crunchiness of the puff pastry, the medium rare beef (even though Vnese beef isn’t tender enough =( ). The mushroom fulfilling and the ham were perfect. I wish the beef was more tender,  so this dish will be more attractive and delicious. If you’re finding a dish which is tasty, contains much flavor and suit to all your family’s members, look no further, here’s your chance to manifest your cooking skills.

Bon appetit with my Beef Wellington ❤

Delicious things don’t need big amount. Just one bite and you can feel all the flavors…..

I’m super excited because this dish is one step closer the professional level in cooking. I will improve my cooking skills and try to make many new dishes. Are you ready to see the little girl growing up? 😉

Again, thank you for reading this post. Happy Weekend xoxo


  1. Tom · April 6, 2011

    Why are you so AWESOME? This summer, organize a cooking class ASAP. I’ll be there 😡

    With love,

    • trangquynh · April 6, 2011

      aww, you made me so embarrassed :”) I’m not that awesome, I still gotta improve a lot 😡

  2. Pis Dương · May 29, 2012

    Hi Trang, your dish look stunning, my boyfriend really love this one but i darent to make for him yet. But your post did give me lots of tempt to do. So that, im gonna ask you some tips to master my dream about beef wellington.

    – How many grams of the beef you used for this dish? and how long u bake the beef in the oven after chilling in the fridge like Gordon did to get such beautiful medium rare? (oven tempt also)
    – Also, as i know, sometimes people use liver pate, did you use it or just only mushroom? ah, i couldnt find the type of mushroom like Gordon used so, do you know where to buy it? or use which kind of mushroom instead of?
    – Can you please give me your puff pastry recipe? i will be so happy to learn from you.

    Looking forward to your help


    • trangquynh · May 29, 2012

      glad to hear that you and your boyfriend love this dish, but first of all I need to say sorry because I made this dish long time ago so I couldn’t remember everything about it 😦 So I will help you answer the questions as much as I can, ok?
      1. Here is the recipe I used for my pastry, even though it’s shortcrust pastry but still works with this dish:

      2. I replaced the mushrooms Gordon used with straw mushrooms
      3. For the method in details, you can follow this link by Gordon Ramsay: ^^
      And most importantly, don’t worry about the medium rare thing, just follow the recipe and you will get it xD Good luck with this stunning Beef Wellington and don’t forget to tell me your result!
      Have a nice day xoxo
      Love, Trang Quynh

      • Pis Dương · May 31, 2012

        oh, thank you so much for the tips, i definite try it asap! xxx

      • trangquynh · May 31, 2012

        can’t wait to see your result ❤

  3. petit4chocolatier · October 26, 2012

    I have never eaten beef wellington. Your version makes me want to try it! Looks delicious!!

    • trangquynh · October 26, 2012

      thank you for your nice comment, you should try it someday ^^

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