My first cake :x

So HERE IT IS, my first cake since I bought the new oven ^^ The last time, I tried to make cookies, even they’re delicious but too ugly, so I decided not to upload the pics on this blog. I planned to bake for a long long time, but I was too busy with our FrancoFete season 2, sorry you guys about that =( Anyway, I had a wonderful time with it, I’m gonna write a post soon and upload some pics. Excited?

I have an foodie album on Facebook which is called “Cooking is an art <3”. Seriously, I don’t like to use Facebook that much. Too crowded, too many crazy things… I started being mean and jealous with other people, being pessimistic about everything. I miss the old days when I can’t access to Facebook, just cooking and sharing my passion through the posts on WordPress and with my friends on Twitter. I miss the old days when Twitter is really quiet, I can tweet everything I want, even private emotions. Duh, but now it’s not anymore, just like the 2nd Facebook :”(

I’m really sorry for writing these stuff and some of my stupid feelings on this post, I just…can’t find anywhere to share. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’ll become a mean girl, who is jealous with everyone and forgets to focus on her passion. I love the lovely comments on this blog, not the likes on Facebook which I see everyday, everywhere. I love the feeling when I realize that there’s a new subscriber, not the feeling when I see my timeline is flooded in tons of status about teenage crisis and something like that. Not the problem of Facebook, they’re my own problems, so hope you guys don’t mind 🙂

Phew, I feel so much better now, so get back to THE CAKE!!! It was just an ordinary kind of cake, with whipping cream on the outside, decorated with cornflakes and almond. Mmmmm, the cake was a litte bit too sweet for me, the next time I’ll reduce the sugar or enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea (hihi, not really, I can’t drink both =D). With the leftover whipping cream, I made a full cup of coffee (just a little amount to create the flavor) and milk =p~ Favorite drink ever!!!!!

Aww, how I love decorate and take pics of my dishes ❤ Thank all of you for reading ❤

Coming up next: Apple Cinnamon Turnovers. Wait for it!



  1. Tunniehan · April 12, 2011

    Hey… Me too sometime I envy the teen’s crisis. Cause I am just not having any feeling with someone but you, our classe, R&J and specialy B2 ❤ or bring me a morceau 😦

    • trangquynh · April 12, 2011

      well, I was just emotional, I’m okay now, we’ll talk more tomorrow, okay?

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