FrancoFête season 2

As I promised, I’m gonna write a post about FrancoFête (FF) season 2 to tell you guys how I feel about this annual show of students who learn French in Hanoi – Amsterdam high school. Maybe this post is a little bit too late cuz our performance was on last Sunday, but after all, I wanna say thanks to all of you, every single one, for giving such a wonderful time to me. I’m sure that I’ll never forget that moment, when we all were standing on stage, singing out loud, crying and hugging everyone…..

I planned to write a long post, with full of emotions, but when I see those pics again, everything in my mind are just messed up, I’m too emotional to organize them and describe to you guys 🙂 But from the deep of my heart, I know that our performance in the auditorium 700 seets is not the end, right? We are all together, and we can do everything. Not only the auditorium in our school, we’ll definitely rock in other stages and blow away the Opera Houseeeee!

FrancoFête season 2 truly brings us closer to each other. I could see the enthusiasm in the eyes of everyone, and the love which filled that auditorium. After all difficulties, we made it, the first musical comedy “Romeo&Juliet” in Vietnam. I’m too proud of us ❤ Honestly, at first, I didn’t believe that we can do it because it’s too complicated and we need to focus on our school work (actually it does influence to our school work xD), but the reality demonstrated the opposite thing 😡

Me with beautiful yellow dress and a friend 🙂

With another friend 😀


Hihi, I started to like wearing long dress 😀 Even I don’t like the color yellow but I looked not bad, right? That is a good opportunity for me to show my make up and create hairdo skills (I also did for my best friends). Anyway, love FrancoFête season 2 so much, and I WANT THE CD!!!!!

After the show with my old friend =)

Old friends >:D<

Let’s start the countdown: 100 DAYS TILL OUR NEXT PERFORMANCE!!!!!


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