French Crêpes with Fruit Salad =p~

Let’s start your beautiful day with some French Crêpes with Fruit Salad! Totally gorgeous, totally fresh, this is truly the perfect recipe for someone who’s in a diet or someone who wanna add some vegetables or fruits into the daily meals. Crêpes is the most common dessert in France, you can definitely create the flavor by using various ingredients, such as chocolate syrup, or favorite fruit salad, cream or even yogurt. That’s awesome when each time you change the ingredients, you will have a brand new kind of crêpes.

Well, I need to say that these crêpes are quite easy to do. But be careful, the most important step is how you make the super thin pieces, believe me, you don’t want to taste a thick piece of crêpes xD For my crêpes this time, I enjoy them with fruit salad. Honestly, at first, I planned to add some spoons of whipped cream but I can’t find the whipping cream box anywhere. The fruit salad is the mixture of apples and red dragon fruits which are cut into large dices. Did you hear that? RED DRAGON FRUITS. I was surprised by their color too, but it’s kinda beautiful so I use immediately for my new dish haha

This is my favorite picture ❤

Curious about the recipe? Here’s your answer:

      Ingredients (for 10-15 pieces):

1. 160g flour

2. 30g sugar

3. 30g melted butter

4. 200ml sugar-free milk

5. 3 eggs, lightly beaten

6. 180-200ml whipping cream

7. your favorite fruits, cut into large dices

     Let’s do it:

1. Mix the flour and the sugar first, add the eggs, milk and finally the melted butter, stir well until the mixtute becomes a smooth liquid, add milk if necessary.

2. Add a little sugar into the whipping cream. This step will make your whipping cream easier to whip.

3. Heat a large pan over medium high heat. Pour 3tbs of the mixture into the pan to make a thin piece, keep the piece on the pan until it’s golden both sides.

4. Serve with whipped cream and fruit.

Bon appetit,

Love, Trang Quynh


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