Apple is always my favorite fruit ever, so yummy =p~ I’ve searched many recipes using apples, like apple cinnamon turnovers, or apple tart, apple pie…, hope I can make all of them!!! You don’t know how much I love these gorgeous fruits, the texture, the flavor…aww, I wanna eat an apple right now ❤

     In almost recipes, apples are always used with cinnamon powder. At first, I thought cinnamon powder isn’t important and intended to skip this ingredient. Fortunately I didn’t do that, because they’re just PERFECT TOGETHER! When the tart was still in the oven, wow, you can smell the wonderful thing ever, the mixture between egg, apple and cinnamon powder. So one tip: DON’T EVER PLAN TO SKIP CINNAMON POWDER, okay?

     The apple pieces were sauteed with sugar in a hot pan, they’re fragnant and tasted absolutely delicious. The sweet shortcrust pastry was good as always, now I can make in easily in only 10-15′, how cool! Apple tart will be more delicious when it’s still warm and don’t forget to enjoy it with vanilla cream xD

    Today I don’t upload the recipe, because it’s apple tart in my way haha Don’t follow any recipe, just a little bit creativity of mine and here it is, extremely proud :”) In case you wanna know the recipe, leave a comment, and I’ll edit this post and add the recipe, okay?

    Thank you for reading this post. Keep supporting my amateur food blog ❤



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