Double dishes for Saturday!!!

Having a free Saturday is such a wonderful chance to do something interesting 😡 Maybe waking up early to go out and have breakfast, or going to the market and choose the most stunning and fresh ingredients for your dishes… Today, I did everything that I can to enjoy my Saturday as much as I can xD Making 2 dishes (actually is 3 but the pics of the third dish were ugly so I don’t wanna upload them =( ) is one of my things ❤

     1. Fusilli pasta with traditional bolognese sauce

As I said in my post about Beef Ragu, traditional bolognese sauce need to be cooked in 3-4 hours, with all the ingredients are brought to a simmer then blended until smooth. The mixture of those ingredients: carrots, onions, garlic, celery sticks, ground oregano, tomatoes and beef stock creates a stunning flavor that you can’t find in a tomato-based sauce. So I highly recommend that instead of using ordinary tomato-based sauce, you should use traditional sauce to perfect your dish 😀 It’s definitely not a waste of time because you can do other things during the simmer, just check it out every 30 mins to ensure if it’s cooked enough.

After blending the mixture of the ingredients, add the beef minced, stir well and continue cooking in 1 min. The pasta was cooked ’til al dente, don’t forget to keep warm the pasta until the sauce is ready. You can also replace fusilli pasta by any kind of pasta, such as spaghetti no.3 or fetuccine, it doesn’t influence the result. Now your dish is done and ready to serve. Enjoy!

2. Bacon Puffs

I can’t wait to show you this! For the ones who are always hungry like me, here’s your solution 😡 BACON PUFFS – SIMPLE BUT PERFECT SNACK EVERRRRR!!!!! Just 5 mins in the oven, you will have the beautiful delicious Bacon Puffs like this. Curious, right? I’m serious. 10 mins for the preparation and 5 mins in the oven. Done. I bet that every single one, even a 8-year-old child will enjoy making and eating them 😡

Let’s start with cutting the baguette into 10-12 pieces. Mixing the melted butter, oil and chopped celery sticks in a bowl. Gently put this mixture on the baguette’s pieces. Next, continue putting small pieces of ham onto the butter, then sprinkle grated cheese on top. Preheat the oven in 200 degrees C, finally, put these bacon puffs in the oven and wait 5 mins. Is it easy? ABSOLUTELY.

     Hope all of you will enjoy my post ❤ See ya later ❤


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