Vietnamese food xD

For everyone who has already visited Vietnam, you should be agree with me that Vietnamese cuisine is wonderful ❤ Personally, as a Vietnamese, I’m always proud of our cuisine, it’s unique and also delicious, yum! I don’t write this post to compare Vietnamese cuisine with other countries’s cuisine, because each country has its own culture and so different kinds of food. And for me, a girl who really loves food, discovering a country through its cuisine is truly amazing xD Back to Vietnamese food, what is your favorite  dish? Nem (spring rolls), Pho (Vietnamese noodle), Cha ca (fried chopped fish), Mien (vermicelli) or Bun? Wow, I can’t tell you guys all the Vietnamese dishes because there’s a super long list that you can’t skip anything!!!

Nem (spring rolls) that I made at home, yummy

It's the traditional way to make spring rolls. You can change the flavor by adding other ingredients such as chopped prawns or crabs. Always works!

Did you see that? The outside is lightly brown and crunchy, that's the main thing.

So, one tip: If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, don’t ever stay all the time in the hotel, go out, walk and try Vietnamese food. They’re truly great, even street food. I’m sure that you can’t never forget the flavor of our street food after tasting them 🙂 But don’t forget to choose a clean place and… discount (only for street food, okay?)!!! I’m always bad at discounting, so hope you guys can be better than me :”)

Nowadays, some young people in Vietnam like Italian food or other countries’s food, of course I don’t judge them because I love those food too. But sometimes, they forget that Vietnamese cuisine is really amazing and unique, you should love your country first, right? Wandering around the old streets, tasting some street food instead of sitting in restaurants, you can feel the difference. Foreigners love our food, they use our food as recipes in their famous show, so why don’t we love our own culture and cuisine?

Pho xao (Stir-fried Vietnamese noodle) by me 😀

You can add some different kinds of vegetable, it's okay too =p~

What do you think? Is Vietnamese cuisine attractive enough? It is. I hope after the exams, I can do more Vietnamese dishes to continue my post about our country’s food. STAY TUNED!!!




  1. moonmoon177 · May 6, 2011

    haizzzz… cu tnay thi con nha ng ta hoc hanh the nao dc?????? cau toan lam to an quen hoc thoi :((

    • trangquynh · May 7, 2011

      aww, thích quá 😡 thế thì tớ phải cố gắng làm nhiều thứ nữa cho cậu suốt ngày chỉ ăn thôi mới được ;))

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