Three-layered mango jelly ^^

SUMMER IS HERE EVERYONE!!!!! Can you feel the sun, can you feel that it’s time to try something new? Mmm, let’s see, maybe searching for a cooking class, learning to swim or starting following your passion are good ideas. Or you guys can be like me, keep finding new recipes and realize them. This summer I’ll try to do more desserts, you know, a chef should know everything 😀 I really miss the last summer, when I started this blog, everything was so attractive, I just wanna do more and more, improve myself and discover what I’d love to do. After a year, I even love cooking much more, you can see how much I care about this blog and my food is getting better and better ^^

Get back to my Three-layered mango jelly xD Jelly is pretty easy to make, you just need the agar powder ( ~10gr agar powder for 1000gr of jelly), mix it with fresh water, wait for 30 mins then bring the mixture to a boil with low heat. To make the different flavors (and colors), you can use a variety of ingredients, such as sugar (transparent), coconut cream (white), mango or pineapple (yellow), coffee (brown)….. If you use fruits, blend them until smooth, if you use coconut cream, just pour the cream into the mixture of water and agar powder, you can add sugar if you want. Stir well until the mixture starts bubbling and well-colored. See, definitely not difficult =P

To make gorgeous multi-layered jelly, first, you pour the first layer into the cup (1-1.5 cm), wait until it’s dried enough, then pour the next layer, keep doing that and you got it ^^ Really simple, huh? If you want the color between layers mixed a little bit, pour the next layer when the surface of the previous layer is nearly dried. Everything depends on your creativity!!!

I hope all of you enjoy my post ~ keep supporting me and my food blog xD Thank you and see you in the next post xoxo


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