Vietnamese food (part 2)

After the last post about Vietnamese food, I hope all of you understand now a little bit about our culture, our cuisine that I’m extremely proud of. If France has its delicate cuisine with Boeuf Bourguignon, Duck a l’Orange and many many stunning desserts, Italians are incredibly proud of their pizzas, pasta dishes and tiramisu, Vietnam owns an unique cuisine too. Some Vietnamese dishes are really famous and popular, like Pho (Vietnamese noodle) or Nem (spring rolls) ^^ Others appear on foreign shows such as Masterchef Australia or Masterchef US as a high-level challenge for the contestants (you can find and watch these shows for more details). That’s truly a big deal for any country’s cuisine.

mmm, this dish doesn't look good but actually, it tastes extremely amazing 😡

This is a mixture of meat wrapped in Vietnamese leaves 🙂

In almost Vietnamese dishes, fish sauce is considered as the main ingredient which contributes a beautiful, stunning flavor and smell. Someone might say that fish sauce has a disgusting smell, but trust me, skip fish sauce, you skip the whole thing in our cuisine. Just a tablespoon and you can feel the difference xD One tip for anyone who wanna cook Vietnamese dishes, especially salad’s sauce or spring roll’s sauce: the dish should be well-balanced between the fish sauce, the sugar, the vinegar and vegetable’s flavor, mmm, don’t forget to taste ^^ If you can’t get used to the fish sauce’s smell immediately, let’s start with salt and a teaspoon of fish sauce for your dish, then increase the fish sauce’s amount steppedly and reduce the salt.

Fried chicken with fish sauce - not only the fish sauce, there're sugar, garlic and pepper too xD

Sometimes, the deliciousness comes from simple things 🙂

Of course there are many dishes which don’t depend on fish sauce but still delicious =p~ Summer is coming, maybe I should write down my summer plan or something to enjoy as many Vietnamese dishes as I can. Mmmmm, sounds interesting, right? Can’t wait to wander around with my friends and become a foodholic \m/ Hope that with my help, you all can be more interested in discovering Vietnamese cuisine. Why not?

Feeling really bad about my photography skills, anw this noodle dish is yummy as always ^^

Love xoxo

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