Multiflavor pan-fried pork

Long time no see, I really miss you guys and your lovely comments for my food posts 🙂 Actually, I’m not busy at the moment, but the weather is too awful that I can’t win my laziness and stay in the kitchen many hours. Well, finally I can come back with something new and creative. I love inventing new dish, discovering new flavors and the combination of different ingredients ^^ And pan-fried pork is such an amazing chance to realize all of that!

This time I use oregano powder, cinnamon powder, chopped red onions, olive oil, salt, pepper and a little bit dark soy sauce to contribute the flavor of this stunning dish. Make sure that you mix well the spices and let the pork rest in about 45-60 mins so all the flavor can go through and the middle of the pork will be seasoned enough. You can also change the marinade by adding or reducing some of the ingredients. I recommend that you should use the spices such as powder or liquid, much easier to combine and mix with the pork.

After removing the pork of the pan, put it on the oil remover paper, then slice in to 5mm thin piece. Serve with rice or bread (mmmmm, bread with melted cheddar cheese and salad sound good and yummy =p~). Good luck with this dish ^^

P/S: Snap a pic of your pan-fried pork and then post a link to your photo in the comment section below. Let’s see how many new dishes we got here xoxo


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