Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Part one: PEOPLE

I recently have a wonderful trip to Malaysia and Singapore which brought me so much feelings and so many things to remember, one of these things is the kindness of people in there. After 1 week traveling and discovering the Malaysia and Singapore’s culture, I was extremely impressed by them and their wonderful personality. I suddenly realized I was thinking too much, wondering too much, all I should do is enjoy my life and help people around me, just like Malaysians and Singaporeans did for me. Sometimes, I really don’t think that I can do all of that, maybe I’m still too selfish and greedy, and I wanna become better.

One time, after wandering around on Orchard Road – paradise of shopaholics in Singapore, we decided to come to the hotel by bus because everywhere is so crowded, especially in the taxi station, and if we choose taxis, we will spend lots of money. Someone asked a Singapore’s man who’s waiting for the bus with his mother, he tried to read all the information of buses and told us there isn’t a bus to our hotel, we should catch the MRT to go to Novena, a nearby street, then catch a taxi there. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to catch MRT because there are too many rails and it’s really complicate. And you know what? He bought for us all the tickets, and promised that he and her mother will bring us to the hotel, then come home later. I was totally impressed by that kind action, I tried to talk to him and her mom, asking them about their life. Sometimes, little things give you memorable souvenirs. We came back in the hotel at 11 pm,  I was still wondering when they got home that night. 11.30 pm? 12 pm? I don’t know. They can absolutely tell us the direction, then continue waiting for their bus and come home earlier, but they chose helping us. That’s a thing I’ll never forget about Singaporeans. Super kind, super wonderful!

In Malaysia, we had chance to be guided by a funny 50-year-old man. Thanks to his knowledge and capacity in studying new language (this time is Vietnamese), I understood more about his country’s culture and admired his skills. At that age, people always have so many difficulties when they try to learn new things, but he’s a special case. In 4 days, with our help, his Vietnamese improved really fast, he even sang a song for us (in Vietnamese of course) in the last day we stayed in Malaysia. I wish I had the same love with my country just like him, everytime he told me about his country, I saw in his eyes the confidence and the sparkle- symbol of a deep love.

my funny tour guide and my grandma (picture taken by me ^^)

my tour guide and unphotogenic me xD aww, I'm gonna miss him 😦

The last but not least, I met a nice guy working for Grand Seasons hotel whose smile has impressed me so much. A big, bright and kind smile is always on his face makes me feel comfortable and more optimistic. Well, I have to say that if we have more time, maybe we will talk more about each other and become close friends. But the good news is, I still keep in touch with him, after taking picture with him, we exchanged facebook address and started chatting a little bit last night. Oh, there’s still a cute message he wrote for me, but that one I’ll keep for myself ^^ From the deep of my heart, I hope one day me and him will meet again, in Malaysia, in Vietnam, or anywhere in this whole world, I don’t know, but if we have faith, everything will come true, right?

huhu, why are he and my grandma so photogenic, not me :((

maybe I was too sleepy though ^^ anw check out my facebook page for more beautiful pic of Malaysia and Singapore (and more beautiful me lol)

Finally, I wanna send my best wishes for everyone in Malaysia and Singapore (especially the ones who are mentioned above). All of you gave me a wonderful trip that I will never forget. Pictures perfect memories, and my most beautiful memories are going to you. Have a nice day and enjoy your life ❤

   P/S: Have you ever been impressed by someone in other countries? Tell me and everyone in the comment section below, post their pictures if you can so that we can share with you the good feelings about those kind persons ^^ Thank you for reading this post xoxo



  1. Pis Dương · June 27, 2012

    cant wait for the 2nd part! x

    • trangquynh · June 27, 2012

      actually I had this trip one year ago, so there’re already the 4 other parts ❤ Hope you like them ^^

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