Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Part two: PLACES I LOVE IN SINGAPORE (1)

After my previous post talking about the wonderful personality of Singaporeans and Malaysians, I got more inspiration to continue writing the next part about these two beautiful countries ^^ I had chance to visit many cool places there, and today, I’m so happy that I can introduce you some of the places that I really love and admire, not only because of their beauty but also because of their story.

  1. Merlion Park

Me with the small Merlion in Merlion Park ^^

A beautiful view from Merlion Park xD

Starting with Singapore, Merlion Park is one of my favorite places here. There are two statues of the merlion, symbol of Singpare,  one is big and the other is smaller. If any of you have visited Singapore, you will know why the merlion is considered as the symbol of this country, it’s a long, exciting story that I’ll tell you if I have chance, okay?

Moreover, I love the freshness of the atmosphere here, just breathe and you can feel much more better. Stay away from the noisy and crowded city, here’s what you need to relax. Just wander around this park, admire the most beautiful view of Singapore and discover the story behind the famous symbol merlion, I bet that you will have a fascinating time with your family. Forget about the work, the school and other things for a while,  enjoy your vacation as much as you can!

here's the big merlion ^^

Another view from Merlion Park, looks beautiful, right?

     2. Suntec City and Singapore River

my fav place in Suntec City

Suntec City composes five buildings which are offices, shopping complex, restaurants and a network of MRT (like Metro in European countries) under it. In the middle of Suntec City, you can find a place that everyone wanna visit when they come to Singapore, the symbol of luck in Suntec City. You can pray for health, joy, profession not only for yourself but for anyone that you love. I always believe in miracle, and hope that everything I prayed  in there will come true, and if you visit Singapore, don’t forget this cool place, okay?

See that? All you gotta do is touch the water, go around 3 times and pray, really easy 🙂

Besides, Singapore River is definitely recommended by me. 30 mins on the Singapore Ever Cruise will confirm the beauty of Singapore. You can see several bridges, many gorgeous buildings, such as Fullerton Hotel, shopping centres,…, a Singapore in the light is worth in a rainy night ^^

     3. Botanical Garden

If you love nature, look no further, Botanical in Singapore will be the first one in your check list xD Beautiful, super fresh with numerous types of gardens and flowers, this is where nature meets human. Feel the environment, take a deep breath and participate in the protection of our nature…..

National Orchid Garden - one part of the Botanical Garden

European Garden

Are you excited with what I’m introducing you? In the next post, I’ll keep introducing you more places that I love in Singapore and Malaysia. STAY TUNED!

Thank you for reading this post xoxo


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