Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Part three: PLACES I LOVE IN SINGAPORE (2)

I came back with more places that I love in Singapore ^^ Are you ready? Are you planning to visit Singapore after reading my previous post? Keep reading because this post will blow you away!!!!!!

    4. Wax Museum (Image of Singapore)

Are you bored with History? Do you wanna throw away the book which has too much information and is literally not interesting at all? I do *blushing*. But Singaporeans has a fascinating way to tell their story, their history to us. At first, when I heard about the Wax Museum, I immediately imagine a museum with many wax statues of celebrities lol (let me down a little bit when I knew the truth). But it changed my mind. It was unexpectedly inspiring and absolutely wonderful. A story of Singapore since this country was still a part of Malaysia until now is fully described by many scenes and wax statues, and for the first time, I can be patient and read all the information about each scene. Now I understand the mixture of culture in Singapore and how this country can develop like this.

Curious? Here are some of hundreds pictures I took in Wax Museum ^^ Hope you guys like it:

what will happen if after taking the photo, you check it out and see a wax statue smiling :O

Love this one? Look at how delicate and colorful the clothes are 🙂

     5. Light show “Songs of the Sea” on Sentosa

Fascinating show, cool voices of the singers, modern technology (well, minus the old-kind story, but I don’t think that’s the most important thing, I had fun watching the beautiful light though ^^). Anyway, you should watch this show once if you go to Sentosa (recommended by me xD)

I can't capture all the awesomeness of the show but someone told me that the beautiful memories will always stay with us 🙂

     6. Jurong Bird Park =p~

Phew, finally I can talk about my most favorite place in Singapore :)) hey, nature lover over here, anyone over there? The birds here are really cute, I even wish I could stay one week or more to play with them =( One good news: many penguins just moved here, now you can see and take pics with them without any difficulty. Don’t forget watching the bird show, all of you (especially your children) will definitely love it like I did. This time, I’m sure that you and your family will have fun hearing Amigo – the star of the show, singing in three languages and watching all the fragnant games by different kinds of birds.  THIS IS THE TOP RECOMMENDATION BY ME!

Penguinsssssss! Cuteness overload!!!

Aww, a fat penguin ❤

That is Amigo ^^

There they are, my favorite places in Singapore. This week’s gonna be top cause I have to keep writing and finishing my series of posts about my trip to Malaysia and Singapore. I want a perfection for all the posts that I publish on my blog and assure that you guys will enjoy it, that’s why I gotta spend more time for each post. So please stay tuned and keep waiting for my next posts, okay? Your support means everything to me and my blog ❤


See all of you in the next post. Love all of you, enjoy your weekend xoxo


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