Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Part four: MALAYSIA (1)

I’m really sorry for not publishing this post sooner 😦 These days, I’m super busy doing an amazing project with my friends that I couldn’t have enough time to write the next part for my series of posts. Last night, I finished a 7-page story (well, pretty proud of myself for writing it in 1 and a half day ^^) and was exhausted. I forced myself to go to bed instead of writing this post and publish it this morning. Anyway, now I’m here with full energy and ready to show you more cool places in Malaysia. ARE YOU READY?

Malaysia is a beautiful country, and of course much bigger than Singapore. In my 1-week trip to these two countries, I have 4  days to discover Malaysia where I spent 1/3 in many shopping complex (aww, how I love girl stuff :”>). I even use the LRT to go there every night *blushing* But don’t worry, I had chance to visit so many places and took hundreds of pics, not only to remember about this trip but also to introduce them to you guys ^^

Here are some highlights of my 4 days in Malaysia xD

The first place I visisted in Malaysia is Malacca. I love that city because everything looks beautiful and ancient ❤

let me remember, this is a church with Holland architecture 😀

If you wanna learn more about Malaysian history, you should definitely go to Malacca, visit all the churches, bridges, old streets and museums (especially the churches, there are many churches in there with several types of architecture, honestly, I don’t understand that much, but I really think that they’re absolutely beautiful ^^). I love walking and wandering around the old streets, feel the atmosphere, the smell of street food and the laughter of everyone, a feeling of peace and joy. I also believe that every single place, every single thing in Malacca has its own story, they are always waiting for us to discover.

The outside of a church...

And the inside...

Sadly I stayed in Malacca in 1 day only, then  moved to Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. But anyway I  had lots of fun so it was okay xD Kuala Lumpur is totally different, a crowded and modern city with many buildings, offices, shopping complex…

I took pic in front of King's Palace in Kuala Lumpur ^^

Visitors aren't allowed to go inside so here's the pic of the outside look of King's Palace xD

Of course we can’t forget the famous Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, even in the day or night, it looks totally gorgeous (but I like it more in the night, when it sparkles and is covered by light ^^)

Very lucky to have this gorgeous view from my room in 21st floor in the hotel 😡

Wanna see more pictures? Stay tuned because I’ll be back soon with the last part of the series: Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Final part: MALAYSIA (2)

– From Trang Quynh with love –


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