Malaysia and Singapore in my eyes. Final part: MALAYSIA (2)

So today is one week after my trip to Malaysia and Singapore. I need to get back to my usual life, with extra classes, some projects with my friends, and of course, my passion, cooking. Even I still miss my holidays, miss these two beautiful countries and the friends that had chance to meet, I know now it’s time to focus on my own work and forget the feeling (what do you call it, jet lagged?)

But before saying goodbye to all the fun in that trip, let me introduce to you guys the last highlights of my trip in Malaysia ^^

Visit Batu in a rainy day 🙂

Then I went to Genting by cable =p~

If there’s something totally surprised me in this whole trip, I’d say that’s Genting. On the top of an over-2000-meters-height mountain, visitors can enjoy their holidays in a modern city, with hotels, shopping complex and even a 2nd Disneyland with many games. But do you what what I love in here? The weather. A little bit cold, dry weather made me feel truly comfortable and relaxed. Don’t forget your jacket, trust me, you don’t want to be sick in your holidays xD

Beautiful, right?

Hotel First World. Look how colorful it is!!!

In the next day, we visited a pagoda in Kuala Lumpur. I have to translate all the things the fortune paper for everyone in my group ( ~20 persons) so it was one of my memorable souvenirs in Malaysia ^^ At least I know that my English isn’t too bad :”)

So many turtles over here :O

Me taking pictures with my sacret animal xD

And everywhere that I like lol

My trip was nearly coming to an end. The next day, I had a full morning relaxing in the hotel, had breakfast, went swimming and watched TV, but I really miss the busy days with so many places to visit and things to discover. I always wanna keep my life busy like that, the feeling of being alive and enjoying the life.

Goodbye Malaysia and Singapore, thank you so much for giving me that opportunity to discover your cultures and enjoy my holidays in the most fascinating way ❤ I’m not sure if I will come back, but all my best memories will go with me in everywhere I go, everything I do in the future 🙂 One time again, thank you.

Where did you visit this summer? Feel free to share and tell us your feelings about your trip in the comment section below ❤

Love ya’ll ❤

   P/S: Can’t wait to show you my brand new food pics, see ya in the next post, and I promise it will be super awesome 😡


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