Asian Barbecued Chicken

These days, I love creating new marinade’s flavors for grilled meat, and luckily they all worked xD After the result of my Grilled Spiced Prawns and Bread with Grilled Spiced Pork, Vegetable Salad and Sliced Cheddar Cheese, I’m quite confident and continue inventing new kinds of marinade. This time, for an Asian Barbecued Chicken, I want to use Asian ingredients to make a well balanced and Asia-inspired marinade, so once people taste one piece, they can immediately realize a sense of Asian cuisine.

Forget the BBQ sauce a while, believe in your creativity and try to invent new things! At first, when I mixed the ingredients together, I was sooooo worried that it could be too salty, or too bitter and the result will come out terribly. Well, I was quite depressed because if I fail, I waste lots of ingredients and my family gotta eat the leftover food in the fridge (that was literally freaking me out lol) Pheww, lucky me this time 😀

After 30-40 mins in the oven, the chicken tastes really good. The skin was well seasoned, shiny and fragnant, the meat inside was tender, soft and smelled like heaven =p~ But next time, I should increase the amount of all ingredients and the time to set aside the chicken so that the marinade could go through and contribute a better flavor for the meat.

This time, I’m not gonna write the recipe in details because I think it needs to be improved, I will remake this dish as soon as I can and write another post where I publish the full recipe. But anyway, I will tell you guys all the ingredients for the marinade, if any of you has an idea to improve this marinade’s flavor, comment in the section below and share your great idea with everyone here, okay? Not only me, but everybody needs your own opinion ❤

For the marinade, you need these ingredients:

– Vegetable oil

– Dark soy sauce

– Chopped garlic

– Chopped coriander roots and leaves

– Juice of lime

– Sugar (or honey)

Do you think that my marinade needs more ingredients, like chopped red shallots or other kinds of vegetable? Can you try this marinade once and tell everyone your experience? Thank you so much ❤

But first, enjoy my Asian Barbecued Chicken through these pictures ^^ Bon appetit xoxo


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