Must have Kitchen Items

Do you love cooking? Have you ever spent many hours in the supermarket and been confused just because you don’t know what to choose between sooooo many kitchen items which look absolutely amazing and useful? Trust me, I understand that feeling. So today, I’d like to share with all of you some items that I think it’s a must have. I really hope that after reading this post, you guys can decide what to buy without wasting your money and your time in useless things.

1. Oven: for a starter kitchen or a professional one, an oven is always in the top list thanks to its diverse functions: baking, grilling meat or even warming food. I recommend that if you truly love cooking, having an 28l or 42l oven is a must, and fortunately, now ovens aren’t expensive in comparison with some mutifunctional microwaves.

2. Pots and pans: If you can’t afford to buy a complete set, buy individual pieces. You should have at least a large sauce pan and a medium sized frying pan, they work really well with many dishes. But before choosing pots and pans, remember to check what materials they’re made out and how well they cook on certain surfaces.

3. A crock full of kitchen utensils: a crock packed with essentials such as spatulas, whisks, mixing spoons and a variety of other utensils is really useful in any kitchen. The crock can keep them centrally located and easy to find. You don’t wanna mess up your kitchen any time when you want to use something but can’t remember where it is, do you?

4. A good set of knives: You can have all the coolest kitchen items, but your kitchen will go to nowhere without a good set of knives. You only need a mid-priced set, but make sure that it contains a bread knife, a butcher knife, a paring knife and some steak knives.

5. Blender/ Food processor: Blenders are the best choice for smoothies or nutrition drinks. In some cases, they can replace the food processor and help you make any kind of sauce or puree for your main course.

6. Cake pans: For a simple kitchen, all you need is some cake pans, or one medium-sized cake pan for almost every kind of desserts. You can ask me why I don’t recommend muffin cups, because I think if you aren’t really interested in baking, you can use paper liners (there are some kinds of paper liners which can totally replace muffin cups). That will help you save the space for other kitchen items, money and most important, time.

7. Kitchen towels: A set of three or four kitchen towels is enough, make sure that you always keep your kitchen clean because passion and good dishes need to come from a neat and clean place. Many sets include dishrags and pot holders that match the towels, that’s pretty cool, right?

8. Storage containers: these useful containers will keep everything organized and easy to find. You can choose a set with different sizes and shapes or a variety of styles and colors. And here’s my tip: for every kind of powder which are quite difficult to distinguish, you can stick a small note on the container, that is way much better than open each container then smell or taste to know what’s in it ^^

That’s some items that you should have in your kitchen to meet your need. In this post, I didn’t mention casual items such as salt and pepper shakers, cutting boards or napkins because we all know that they are irreplaceable in our kitchen.

So what are your must have kitchen items? What do you think about the items that I mention in this post? Are they truly necessary? Let me know your opinion in the comment section below. Thank you xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh




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