Winter: Cookies and Chocolate Season :x

November is here, brings us the first sights of winter… Can you feel that? Can you feel the cloudy sky, the chilly weather and the wind each morning? Do you love staying at home, enjoying a book while sipping a huge cup of hot chocolate with warm, crunchy, delicious cookies? If you do, that’s winter…

Winter always makes me more emotional. I start living slowly, enjoy each moment and thinking about things around me. And… I really think that winter is the cookies and chocolate season, can anyone deny these two wonderful things in winter? I bet no one can xD

So today, I will present some recipes for cookies and chocolate in my blog to help all of you to find the best recipe for winter. Enjoy xoxo

  1. Pinwheel Cookies: those lovely whirls with double flavors, vanilla and cocoa, will definitely catch you in the first sight ^^

      2. Cocoa Cookies with Raisins: perfect combination of basic cocoa cookie batter with fruity flavor of raisins ❤

      3. Coconut Cookies: shredded coconut will contribute a wonderful smell for your cookies 😉

      4. Cocoa Chocolate Chip Cookies: double chocolate flavors with chocolate chips and cocoa powder.

      5. Peanut Butter Cookies: wanna use your leftover peanut butter in your fridge? Try out this recipe!

      6. Chocolate Chip Cookies: sometimes, basic cookies are still the best ^^

      Now let’s move on to the recipes using chocolate, are you ready? Grab your cookbook and write down your favorite recipes xD

7. Chocolate Marble Bread: beautiful marble effect and the combination between chocolate and vanilla cake make this dessert truly special ❤

      8. Brownie Muffins:this is what you need when you love brownies and muffins ^^

      9. Chocolate Muffins: Chocolate Alert!!!

     10. Chocolate Fudge Cake: recipe courtesy from Masterchef Australia xD

I hope all of you enjoyed the recipes that I mentioned in this post. For more recipes, you can search directly on my blog or subscribe to receive an email everytime a new post is published ^^

Enjoy your winter xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh


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