Tasty Sunday :x

     After a long and busy week at school, finally I have some time for myself, hanging out a little bit and enjoying delicious dishes in the restaurant!!! Personally, I really love trying new dishes in random restaurants to find the inspiration for my own dishes, not only the flavor but also the mix-and-match and the decoration ^^ So, let’s see what I got today for lunch…

     Starting with the main course, I was super excited with my Stir-fried pepper beef with curry sauce, vegetable salad and rice xD Honestly, the flavor of this dish isn’t special as I expected (even it’s quite tasty), but that’s definitely not the most interesting part. The beef is served UNCOOKED on a hot plate, and you can cook it by yourself, season and change its flavor if you want. For a girl who loves cooking like me, haha, it’s like home!

     For the dessert, I chose ice cream with chocolate syrup, yum =p~ My favorite of always, even in winter xD

How about you? What’s your favorite dish so far? Share with me and everyone in the comment section below. Happy weekend xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh



  1. HVDP · December 3, 2011

    where did u have ur main course 😀

    • trangquynh · December 4, 2011

      6th floor of Parkson Tower ^^ So many things to taste and to fall in love with =p~

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