Yummy Friday <3

     One more yummy post and more delicious food pictures taken by me 🙂 A beautiful and sunny Friday made me feel so comfortable, what a wonderful weather for a big, hot bowl of rice vermicelli noodles with fried fish, medium rare beef and Vietnamese vegetables ❤ I’m in love with this dish already!!!

     Are you wandering what I love about this dish? The crispy fish’s skin, soft and tender beef, crunchy vegetables, the delicate sour flavor which comes from the rice vermicelli noodles and the broth, everything combine so perfectly that I can’t even describe in words 😡

Continuing my yummy Friday is a traditional Vietnamese dish that I presented to you one time in my post, SPRING ROLLS!!! Tasty and delicious as always!!!

     What do you guys think about my yummy Friday? Have you ever had a yummy day when you have chance to taste and enjoy everything that you love? Share with me and everyone in the comment section below ^^

Thank you for reading this post xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh



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