Hanoi: Rainy and foggy day…

     For everyone who loves Hanoi, you’re gonna be in love with this city these days. Quiet, chilly, rainy and sometimes foggy, wandering around the streets and enjoying some warm dishes are just wonderful. After such a long time, finally I can see my little city in the exact way I want it to be, no more traffic jams, no more worries, people are trying to live slowly to enjoy every single moment with their loved ones.

And today, I also had chance to enjoy a new dish in a tiny “restaurant” on Le Ngoc Han street, it’s called Banh Duc Nong. Well, nothing is better than that in a super cold day, when your freezing fingers touch the warm bowl and you can smell the flavor all around the air… Sometimes, you don’t need a luxurious restaurant to feel the authentic flavor of food, it may come from an unexpected way, trust me 🙂

     One more recommendation from me if you want to try something different in Hanoi!!!

     Have a nice day everyone xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh



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