Food Sneak Peek: Mixed Vermicelli with Eel and Vegetables!

     Welcome back to my food blog! It’s been so long since I updated this blog, but you don’t have to wait anymore because I came back already and bring you more new dishes xD I recently have the chance to taste this brand new dish: Mixed Vermicelli with Eel and Vegetables and I just can’t wait to share with all of you my feelings ^^

     We all know how vermicelli tastes like, but not everyone knows that eel is also delicious. And their flavors combine perfectly in this dish, contribute a special and unique flavor to the whole dish: fresh, tangy and really crunchy.

Here are the ingredients:

1. Boiled vermicelli

2. Boneless crunchy eel

3. Fresh lettuce, cut into small pieces

6. Fresh cucumber

4. Bean sprouts

5. Deep fried shallots

6. Toasted peanuts

7. Sauce (fish sauce, fresh water, sugar, vinegar)

Serve with hot eel broth.

Mix and mix and mix again

I hope you guys like this dish and I’m sure that we can remake it at home without any difficulty. Enjoy your week and have fun realizing new recipes xoxo

❤ Trang Quynh


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