Life is all about how you enjoy it <3

Life is not always easy for everyone. In some ways, it likes to put obstacles and difficulties in our lives, just to see how we survive, how we love everything around us and try our best to enjoy the wonderful things we have. After all, life is all about how we choose to be and what we plan to do. If you wanna keep it simple, it will be. But if you’re scared to live, to dream and discover, then you will never go through all the difficulties. And for me, I chose to cherish all the beautiful moments in my life, so that I won’t be regret for anything, and whenever I’m tired and wanna give up, I will remember them and continue fighting 🙂

And as usual, today I wanna show you guys some of the dishes that I have chance to taste these days. First one is Pan-fried pork cooked with eggs, mushrooms, onions, spring onions, served with rice and seaweed in a Japanese restaurant. This dish is well cooked and presented, I love how all the flavors combine in one and make the dish so… Japanese. But what I don’t like about it, it’s served with too much rice, I came from hungry to dead full lol

Next, a fresh Vietnamese dish, Rolled Rice Noodle with Stir-fried Beef and Vietnamese Vegetables, my fav dish of always ^^ It’s yummy, delicious and fresh. I believe that all of you will like it right after the first bite!

Haha, and this is what I have before taking a shower. A cup of milk coffee and Butter Cookies. Who doesn’t love these cookies? Yummmmm ~

For the end of this post, I wanna say again: don’t forget to enjoy your life, even though sometimes you’re exhausted, you feel that everything is so hard to go through. Life is all about that xD

❤ Trang Quynh


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