Terminal Year, please be nice to us…

65 days… 65 days then I will leave high school, begin my new adventure, start following my dreams and become a true adult. I used to be very excited, I want the time to go faster and faster, just to see how I’m gonna go through everything and what I’m gonna do with my life. But these days, I can’t stop thinking about my last days in high school, about my friends and all the things I have in 3 wonderful  years. And honestly, I’m not ready yet, not ready for the future, and most importantly, not ready to leave my high school life. Terminal Year, please be slow and be nice to us…

When you love something, you will regret when you have to leave it, and I believe that I have that feeling for high school, especially for my friends. I love the boys in my class, the most wonderful boys who always know how to make us, the girls, feel that we’re special. More than ever, right now I’m in love with them. Sometimes, we don’t need to be in a relationship to feel that we’re in love ❤ I love my best friends who understand all my feelings and support me whenever I need. Do we still need something more in our short life? I think no.

Me and my boys ❤ The more I remember, the more I love you guys xoxo

Don't forget to keep the smile on our face, just like this...

What do I have to do to make the time slower? I don’t even know. I just know that right now, in this moment, everything is so clear, I remember every single souvenir with you guys, my beloved classmates. I remember that sometimes we fight, we hate each other, but after all, we’re family and nothing will change that fact. And I know that 65 days left will be the most memorable time in my whole life that I will try my best to enjoy and share it with all of you…

Love doesn’t need big words. Just feel it because it’s in your soul already.


From Trang Quynh with love


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