Rolled Rice Noodles with Beef and Vietnamese Herbs (Pho Cuon)

     Happy Weekend everyone! Today I’ll present to all of you a brand new Vietnamese dish: Rolled Rice Noodles with Beef and Vietnamese Herbs (Pho Cuon). As you guys all know, Rice Noodles (Pho) is really popular in Vietnam, it’s also a famous and traditional dish that every single tourist wanna taste when they visit our country. There are many ways to enjoy this wonderful food: served with hot broth, thinly sliced beef (or chicken) and chopped spring onions; stir-fried with sliced beef and vegetables; or quickly fried and served with Nuoc Cham (the combination of fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, pepper, chopped garlic and fresh water)…

     In this post, you’re gonna know there’s another way to taste it, fresh, healthy, simple and still delicious and mouth-watering: Roll it with stir-fried beef and picked Vietnamese herbs.

     Let’s see how this stunning dish is done:


     1. Flat rice noodle pieces: in Hanoi, you can easily buy these pieces in many stores, the quantity depends on your liking. This time, for my big 12-member family, I used 2 kg, that means 8-10 rolls/person.

         2. Picked Vietnamese Herbs: lettuce, coriander, Vietnamese mint….

       3. Beef: mix the thinly sliced beef with salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Set aside for 20-30 mins. Stir-fry.


     Lay the rice noodle piece on a large plate. Fill it with the herbs, following by the stir-fried beef lengthways. Gently roll it until the end  to form a cylinder roll.

    Serve with Nuoc Cham.

    Good luck with this recipe and have a nice weekend with your family xoxo

   ❤ Trang Quynh


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