Korean Gimbap (Kimbab)

Korea – the country of Kimchi – always impresses and attracts everyone with its inspiring and unique cuisine. Besides of more than 200 kinds of Kimchi, like other Asian countries, rice plays an important role in the art of cooking of this beautiful country. People love to enjoy it in many ways: wrapping in sesame leaves with bulgogi (marinated and grilled meat) and gochujang sauce (Korean chili sauce), mixing with thinly sliced vegetables, meat, gochujang and creating the delicious Bibimbap or frying with chopped Kimchi…

Korean Gimbap (Kimbap) is also a popular way to use rice and all your favorite ingredients or simply the leftover food in your fridge. What I love about this dish is that you can freely change the ingredients, from the traditional Korean ones, such as moo (Korean radish) or kimchi to the Western ones like tuna or cheese… Tip: try to balance the flavor and the amount of each ingredient, for example, tuna will go great with the light sourness of cheese, beef or pork will match perfectly with moo or carrot…

all the yummy ingredients for the best and healthy Gimbap ^^

After choosing the ingredients, here comes the funniest part: Rolling the gimbap. People like to use the bamboo mat to roll them, but in my opinion, we can do well with our hands without its help, you can see my tight rolls in the pictures below ^^

Most interesting part: ROLLING THE GIMBAP!!!

Finally, thinly slice each roll into 1-1.5 cm rounds, and now, they’re all ready for your meal!!!

Have fun creating the new flavors for your Korean Gimbap and rolling them 🙂

Love, Trang Quynh

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