New category: CHEF OF THE WEEK

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      As you all know, in Trang Quynh Food Blog, I want to update not only a diversity of recipes for your home cooking but also the news from the wonderful cooking world, such as competitions (Masterchef US, Masterchef Australia…), TV series (Kimchi Chronicles, DC Cupcakes, Cake Boss…)…

     Now I’d love to introduce to all of you the newest category on Trang Quynh Food Blog: CHEF OF THE WEEK! Chefs are always the most important element in every kitchen, from the home kitchen to a professional one. With this brand new category, I hope you will have a further look at them, their career, their style, famous recipes… and you can find an inspiration for your passion of cooking 🙂

     New posts will be published every Saturday night, one famous chef for each post. My list may not be enough, so please help me complete it with your comments in the section below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite chef !!!

     Stay tuned for this week’s post on Saturday, can you guess the first chef I’m gonna choose?

     Love, Trang Quynh


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