My Week in Photos

This week, for me, was a massive week, with French classes and finals, tons of things to learn and to remember, stuff to prepare for my France dream… But it’s also filled with luck and happiness, especially when I spent lots of time hanging out with my friends, discovering our city and trying many delicious street food xD

Here are some highlights of my week, hope you enjoy:

Funniest and longest adventure: Discovering our beautiful Hanoi at night with my buddies ^^

Long Bien bridge at 9pm, I was freaking out because it was so windy and I felt like the bridge started shaking lol

End of adventure with ice creams and Pepsi 😉

Before the finals take over, we got an amazing lunch in a Korean restaurant with fried gimbap, super spicy tteokbooki, jajangmyeon and cold mixed Korean vermicelli. Guess how we get back to studying? A coffee date with piano, a lovely coffee shop and wonderful moments with friends ^^

Nothing is better than a coffee day with all your beloved ones 🙂

Then comes the good news. I received the acceptance letter from a French university after more than 3 months waiting. Enjoyed a little party with my friend’s family and some friends…

Really love the atmosphere ❤

Starting with a little bit wine

Dinner with all seafood: prawn soup, squid salad, grilled fish, lobster with cheese…

Beautiful grilled lobster with cheese, served with bread

Whewww, and finally the finals are over. Saturday night wandering around shopping center and having pizza with my aunt and little cousins ❤

Fries in Pizza Hut, hot and crunchy but not salty enough 😦

Pizza with cheesy edges with sliced salami and minced beef on top

When everybody’s enjoying their meal, my little cousins are extremely interested in this…

That’s some favorite things happened in my week, and how about yours? Did you have a good week? Let me know by posting a comment and pictures in the section below, thank you xoxo

Love, Trang Quynh


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