Simple lunch: French Baguette with Asian Pan-fried Pork, Vietnamese Herbs and Salty Cucumber

Sometimes, I just want a simple lunch. No rice, no complicated dishes, short preparation time but still assure the nutritional values. And this is one of my choices: French Baguette with Asian Pan-fried Pork, Vietnamese Herbs and Salty Cucumber. I guess you all will absolutely know all the ingredients (thanks to the super-detail title ^^), and hope you can find this recipe helpful in your lazy or do-nothing day. So please enjoy 🙂

Asian Pan-fried Pork: you can check out the full recipe HERE. I always love making marinade in the morning, right after buying and washing the meat, don’t be worried because it will take you just 10 minutes for the whole preparation. 20 minutes before lunch, pan-fry the pork to make sure that it will be warm and delicious when your family have lunch.

Vietnamese Herbs: can be replaced by any kind of herbs, this time I simply used washed green lettuce and coriander.

Salty Cucumber: thinly slice the cucumbers and carrots (optional). Mix them with rice vinegar, white sugar and a little bit fish sauce. They should be made at least 30 minutes before lunch.

Serve: Beginning with the green lettuce and coriander, then salty cucumber, finally pan-fried pork. Add chili sauce or ketchup, or even mayonnaise if you like ^^ And one more thing, maybe let everyone make their own bread, choose their favorite ingredients and put in as much as they want XD

See you in the next post,

 Love, Trang Quynh

P/S: I’m really sorry for the photos’ quality, I don’t know why they’re so…blurry like that. I tried to fix them but you know, Photoshop or picture programs are not exactly my things :”)


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