Birthday Present: Lime Muffins <3

What’s better for birthday present than a full box of Lime Muffins, frosted with fluffy and lightly sweet whipped cream? I’m pretty sure that no one can deny them, these soft, airy, fresh and absolutely flavorful muffins, especially when they’re baked by their beloved one ^^

I finished baking my Lime Muffins at 10.30 pm, so I decided to frost them the next day, right before I went out for the big birthday party. They looked really mouth-watering and ready for frosting after coming out of the oven, no cracking surface, no floury and tough texture, seriously, I just wanna eat them all xDThese beautiful muffins used the same recipe with my Lime Yogurt Cake which I had a post recently, the only difference is I added 1 more tsp lime zest in the muffin batter to give them more flavor and fragnant smell. Besides, the time should be modified too, from 35-40 minutes to 18-20 minutes, until the muffins are golden and have lightly brown edges.

     Which kind of dessert you think the loveliest birthday present? What do you choose to impress your loved ones? Let everyone know by posting a comment in the comment section below, thank you 🙂

 Love, Trang Quynh



  1. Karen · August 2, 2012

    I’m sure your lime muffins with soft whipped cream were very welcomed at the birthday party.

    • trangquynh · August 3, 2012

      thank you so much, everybody loves them like you said ^^

  2. petit4chocolatier · August 2, 2012

    Beautiful Lime Muffins! My birthday list of baked goodies vary depending on the recipient’s favorite dish.

    • trangquynh · August 3, 2012

      yeah, I always love seeing everybody enjoying their bday presents, it feels really good 😉

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